San Diego Zoo near Hotel Solamar
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Pando exhibit at the San Diego Zoo

Something to Roar About: Hotel Solamar's Proximity to the San Diego Zoo

San Diego is famous for its wildlife, and we don't just mean the revelers in the Gaslamp District. A source of civic pride for almost a century, the San Diego Zoo, conveniently located near Hotel Solamar, is regarded as one of the leading zoos in the world for its many innovations, including pioneering the use of cageless exhibits and its active role in animal conservation. There's much more for you to love about it too, including its extensive collection of animals (over 650 species at last count) and its beautiful 100-acre setting in the heart of one of San Diego's top attractions: Balboa Park. Oh where to start? Some visitor-friendly innovations here make it easy to make the most of your day. One option is to use the guided tour bus that gets you to most of the park. For a bird's eye view, check out the zoo's much-loved overhead gondolas, called the Skyfari.

The zoo itself is organized into different "habitats" so you can see various exhibits of animals from the same region all in the same area of the park. For instance, the Ituri Forest is where you can see African wildlife such as the okapi and African forest buffalo, while Polar Bear Plunge is where you can experience Arctic animals such as the polar bear and Arctic fox. And here's a hot tip: The San Diego Zoo is one of only four zoos in the US with pandas on display - so a big crowd favorite here is Panda Trek where you can see giant pandas up-close and personal. Plus, if you're a real panda fan, don't forget to check out the adjacent Giant Panda Discovery Center's interactive exhibits. And then of course there is the ultimate people habitat for a memorable San Diego stay: The Hotel Solamar, located just minutes from the San Diego Zoo.